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Welcome to Malaysian Breath Centre Sdn Bhd
(formerly known as Droche Healthcare Group Sdn Bhd)


Opening Hours

  Lido 1   
Mon - Sat ( Sun (9am - 1pm)  
  Lido 2
    Mon - Fri (8am - 7pm) 
          Sat (8am - 5pm)

  Pantai     Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat (9am - 6pm) 
    Tue, Thur  (9am - 7pm)

Karamunsing     Mon - Sat ( 9am - 6pm) 

     Fajar Lahad Datu    Mon - Sat (8am - 7pm)



NEW Services - Same DAY Cerec Crowns

We are proud to announce and offer state of the art same day CEREC crowns for your convenience.
There is no need for multiple dental appointments or temporary crowns.

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Clinic History

Established in 1996 from single dental practice, Malaysian Breath Centre Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Droche Healthcare Group Sdn Bhd) has achieved its goal to be the 1st wholly privately owned dental group practice offering primary & secondary dental care services in Sabah, Malaysia .
As of 2009, there are five (5) associated dental clinics and one(1) Medical clinic strategically located from the city centre and Kota Kinabalu International Airport and 1 dental clinic  located in Lahad Datu (east coast of Sabah) - a stone throw away from the Lahad Datu Airport. Thus we are able to provide the full range of dental & medical care services to our individual & Corporate clients and their employees. 

Clinic Services

Oral Surgery

Cosmetics Dentistry

Dental Implant

Veneer, Crown & Bridge

Teeth Whitening

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

                Pediatric Dentistry  
                Halitosis (Bad Breath)