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                  Halitosis / Bad Breath Clinic 

Dr. Roland Chia Ming Shen  has now enhanced his dentistry practice by becoming the first and only breath clinic for Malaysia under Breezecare Group. At present the first breath clinic is based in Klinik Pergigian Dr. Roland Chia at Lido and also Klinik Pergigian Pantai at Api-Api Center Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
A Breath Clinic has the technology to analyze patient

Bad Breath Introduction

Bad Breath is caused by mouth bacteria invading coatings or biofilms that build up on the tongue teeth and nasal passages over a 24 hour period resulted from the These bacteria break down proteins. The waste products from the bacteria are smelly Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs). Initially these Volatile Sulphur Compounds will dissolve into the mouth saliva and simply cause a bad or sour taste. However once the saliva becomes saturated, or should a dryness of the mouth occur, then the VSCs will evaporate into the mouth and be emitted as the smells of bad breath. The person will not be able to smell this offensive odour due to acclimatisation. Also should the volatile compounds be emitted through the nose then they will still smell as bad breath but the person can then smell their own bad breath.

So anything that increase proteins in the mouth environment will stimulate bad breath bacteria. Anything that increases dryness of the mouth will stimulate the wrong bacteria. Finally anything that increases acid content of the mouth will stimulate bad breath bacteria.

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Halitosis / Bad Breath clinic in Media  Newspapers
Halitosis / Bad Breath clinic in Media  Newspapers