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General Orthodontic

Dislike having crooked teeth? We are here to provide you with the service of aligning your teeth to a favourable position. hense giving your month and smile a makeover then will make you more confidence in your daily life.

Dental Implant

Interested in replacing your missing tooth with a more permanent solution? our clinic offers dental implant service. Dental implant as a alternative to replace your missing tooth will allow you to look and chew better and unlikely have the feeling of a real tooth. 

Endodontic (Root Canal Therapy)

Toothache? Swollen face? Sometimes a tooth may die as a result of decay and causing unbearable toothache and plus formation. A root canal treatment is recessing to save the tooth. d drop by for more information regarding this matter.

Teeth Whitening

Fancy to have a makeover to your smile? We have 1 hour teeth whitening service that will bring positive outcomes by improving the shade of your tooth colour. Hence improving your smile.


Pediatric Dentistry

Our dental clinic are child friendly. We aim to build rapport with your child to allow pleasant child and dentist encounter.

Basic Oral Surgery

Our dental practitioners are trained to diagnose and perform basic oral  surgical procedures such as surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth or embedded dental roots. We are also the principle referral of complex dentoalveolar surgery cases to specialist center.

Sport MouthGuard

Do you an athlete, martial art or active in sport such as Fighter, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, rugby,  judo, & etc. Mouth Guard will help you prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums. Mouth Guard also as a treatment for bruxims or TMD.   

Cosmetic Dentistry

Fancy to have a bright set of teeth? Our dental practitioners are trained to perform treatments to improve the appearance of your mouth, teeth, and smile. Example of cosmetic dentistry services available in our clinic are dental composite veneers and one hour whitening services.   

Crown / Bridge / Veneer

Crown and bridge are types of prosthesis that help to restore missing tooth structures.
Our clinic do provide comprehensive dental treatment such as dental veneer which is a thin sheu which is placed in front of your front teeth to make them look more attractive.